The first 30 days are the most critical when selling a home, reinforcing the importance of compelling marketing and pricing.

Within 30 days, 20-30% of homes sell
In the second month, 8-11% sell
3-6 months see 7% of homes sell,
declining to 2%
After six months, 40-70% will not sell

Homes in the “more affordable” price ranges and closer to the job centers have a higher percentage chance of selling.

There are five things to keep in mind when selling a home. The key is to maximize these items in a manner that showcases the home and attracts the best possible price.
1. House Right The overall condition of the home should be decluttered, clean, and organized at all times.

2. Yard RightYards and walkways should always be well maintained (mowed, trimmed, swept).

3. Price RightThe key to a successful sale lies in correctly pricing the home from day one.

4. Marketing RightCompelling marketing is centered around the internet and enhanced by signage, flyers, and networking.

5. The Right Real Estate ConsultantMarket knowledge, personalized service, and negotiating skills.

The Bottom Line: be “Seller Ready” from day one.
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