The days and nights are getting colder. It’s time to winterize your home. Failure to do so can cost you plenty if there is a lot of snow and ice this year. Here is a checklist of a few key things to do keep the outside of your home in good shape over the winter:

 Inspect Your Roof – repair or replace missing and damaged roof shingles. Check that all flashing is sealed well to prevent water from dripping into your home.

 Clean Your Gutters and Downspouts – make sure your gutters drain properly. Standing water and debris can freeze causing damage to your gutters and roof.

 Wrap Exterior Faucets – Freezing outdoor temperatures can cause exterior faucets to expand and crack as the water inside turns to ice. Wrap your faucets with a thick towel or use pre-made faucet covers to keep them from freezing.

 Trim Tree Branches – Ice and snow covered branches can crack and fall from the extra weight. Trim them back from your home to prevent possible roof damage.
 Check Outdoor Lighting – With less daylight ahead good exterior lighting is important. Check all bulbs and reset any lights on timers to adjust for the shorter daylight hours.