How To Beat Other Buyers To The Best New “Hot” Listings

Looking for Real Estate in near Salem Oregon. We specialize In Helping Buyers 
Find The Best Homes At The Lowest Prices. Do You Know About Every Home For Sale?

 If you’re looking for a home, you may have been calling real estate companies and attending open houses. You may even have some agents sending you information on some homes. 

Are You Missing The “HOT” Listings?

” How do I know that I’m not missing out on the perfect house?”

 “How do I know that I’m being shown everything I want to see?”

 “Why are the good homes sold before I find out about them?” 

If you’re calling on ads and visiting open houses, you probably will miss out on the perfect home. Nice homes, priced fairly (called “Hot Listings”) usually sell quickly, often within a week. 

Do You Have Computers Working For You? 

With our free Preferred Buyer Search, you help us program our powerful computers to search all listed homes for sale. Our computers match homes that meet your exact specifications. We then mail you, at least 3 times each week, all of the new listings. For even speedier service, if you request, we’ll fax you the information daily. 

Our state-of-the-art computer software has direct access to the Association of REALTORS® mainframe computers. You’ll know about new listings the day they are entered into the Multiple Listing Service (often 4 to 7 days before other buyers know about these homes – and a week or more before these homes are advertised or held open).

No matter what style of home you want, you’ll find it with our computers. Do you want two baths? A garage? How about a finished basement? Do you want an acre of land in the country?

Do You Decide Which Homes You Want To See – At Your Convenience?

Our computers will provide you with information on every home available meeting your specifications. You obtain all the facts you need. You see exactly what is available for sale. You tell us what homes you like. We’ll make private showing arrangements, at your convenience, for any home, anywhere, listed by any real estate company. 

Will You Obtain The Best Home Loan? 

Many of our Preferred Buyers report to us that other real estate agents tell them that they need $3,000 – $5,000 to buy a home when you add in all the closing costs. This is not always true.

There are more than 60 different ways to finance a home. Many agents are familiar with only 4 or 5 methods. We know about, and use, all 60. 

Perhaps you want the lowest possible interest rate. How about a super-low down payment?… perhaps zero down! If you have spotty credit, we know home lenders who can help. There are even home loans where the lender will pay your closing costs. 

All Of Our Services Are Free!  We’re paid by the seller if you buy a home. If you look at homes for a while and decide not to buy, that’s fine. There is never any pressure or obligation.