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How To Stop 
Wasting Money On Rent And
Own A Home Instead

Provided By:
Dana & Alan Burk

How To Buy The Home You Always Wanted…
Without All The Money You Thought You Needed
Buying a home can seem like a frightening prospect. Whether it’s your first home, or your fifth, so much is at stake — your savings, your credit rating, your financial freedom.
It’s difficult to get up the courage to sign on the dotted line, even if you want that home very, very badly.
How do you determine whether or not the purchase of a home makes sense?

What’s the easiest way to examine the whole picture, from emotions to economics?
I suggest that you read this entire report before you go house hunting. You’ll learn how to separate whims from true needs. You’ll discover how to prepare a game plan for your real estate venture, how to research effectively, choose wisely, finance appropriately and survive the whole procedure with your smile intact.
Seven Steps For Success:
1) Establish your needs and wants.

2) Determine how much you can afford.

3) Get pre-qualified or pre-approved by a Lender.

4) Find a good real estate agent to help you.

5) Find a home that meets your needs.

6) Make an offer to buy a home.

7) Save as much as you can on the purchase.